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Termite Inspection

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Helpful information about termites:
Following are nine "Conducive Conditions" from the "Texas Wood Destroying Insect Report" and Preventative Actions (PA) for a homeowner.

1. Heavy foliage in contact with the home - MOST COMMON
PA – Trim back foliage about one foot from the home, especially vines.

2. Soil line too high relative to the foundation - VERY COMMON
PA – If possible lower the soil line so 6 inches of the foundation is visible.

3. Planter box contacting the home - VERY CONDUCIVE
PA - If possible remove the planter box or consider treating the area.

4. Wood pile in contact with the home
PA – Move all wood materials about one foot or further from the home.

5. Wooden fence in contact with the home
PA – Remove the fence slat that contacts the house.

6. Wood to ground contact, i.e., wood decks, trellises, wood overhangs…
PA – Adjust or trim back items in contact with home at least a quarter of an inch.

7. Debris under or around the home
PA – Clean up or move the debris at least one foot away from the home.

8. Excessive moisture near the home
PA – Consider raising the soil line, improving the drainage and adding gutters.

9. Wood Rot on the home
PA – Remove / replace the damaged materials & address any related issues.